Worlds Most Comfortable Hammock Sleep System

Worlds Most Comfortable Hammock Sleep System

I’m not kidding. In this video I will show you the most comfortable sleep system for hammocks known to mankind. I’m using a Nemo sleeping bag and the Nemo Cosmo sleeping pad because they built a superior sleeping bag combo that works perfectly with my Clark Jungle Hammock. It will work with any hammock. The Cosmo sleeping pad has an integrated foot pump to inflate it and the pad is insulated. My Nemo Strata Loft sleeping bag is a 25 degree bag with a built in sleeve that holds the sleeping pad. You can shift and turn and the pad stays with the sleeping bag. The Nemo Fillo inflatable pillow is the final component in the worlds most comfortable hammock sleep system. It takes 2 breaths to inflate the pillow and it has a felt side for retaining heat and a nylon side if you want to sleep cooler.

The Clark Jungle Hammock TX-250 is my favorite hammock. It is sort of a sleeping pod and it has a weather guard cover in addition to a mosquito net and they work independently of each other. The Clark hammock is a wide hammock and I never have any shoulder squeeze. Between the Clark Hammock and the Nemo sleep system, I don’t really want to camp in a tent at all anymore.

Amazon link for the Nemo Cosmo insulated air pad and you can read more reviews,

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Amazon link to the Nemo Fillo Pillow to read more reviews,

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