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Planning a Trip and/or Want to Follow our Route? Here’s where we went in this week’s van life vlog in Morocco:
1. Merzouga (Great base for exploring Sahara Desert)
2. All camp spots were free & found on the app Park 4 Night
3. ATV Excursion through Quad Merzouga

FYI We took the ferry from Algeciras to Tangier Med and it cost each campervan 180 euros and took about 1.5 hours. Tangier Med is a relatively new port and is very well maintained which led to a seamless border crossing. To all those making the journey, GOOD LUCK and remember not to bring your drone!

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The Reality of Van Life in Morocco | We were super nervous to take this leap and ferry over to Africa in our self converted Sprinter Van but after spending 3 full weeks in Morocco we’ve gathered some wonderful first impressions. What is van life in the world’s largest hot desert like? This week we get the opportunity to experience life amongst the locals (Berber people) in the Sahara Desert and the nomadic people in the Black Desert. THESE are the EXPERIENCES we TRAVEL for!!! ► CLICK to SUBSCRIBE

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VAN TOUR after 2 years living in our TINY HOUSE on wheels

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