Tips/Apps/Hacks and Gadgets for your RV life

Tips/Apps/Hacks and Gadgets for your RV life

I’m always searching for tips, apps, hacks, or gadgets that will make RV living even more fun. Today I install a Bluedriver code reader, unbox compact spice containers, find an answer to the gender pocket gap, install a “capture clip” on my day pack, share how I use Google Maps to find camping sites, demonstrate a better way to tie your shoes, and ask whether you have ever winterized your rig with Vodka.

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Skip Stellar’s winterizing tips:
“The winterizing process for the Girard Instant Hot Water Heater and for the Truma Instant Hot Water Heater are quite a bit different, as detailed in the PW Owner’s Manuals. Below is a summary of the winterization process for each type of water heater:

Girard Instant Hot Water Heater (2016 Ascent and some 2017 Ascents):

Note: This water heater does not have a hot water tank or a recirculating system for the hot water, so antifreeze can be pumped through the hot water heater. This makes the winterization process a lot simpler than for the Truma system.

For me, the easiest way I’ve found, after emptying the fresh, gray, and black tanks, is to skip the blow out and just hook up a bottle of RV antifreeze to the intake of the water pump and pump it through all of the lines, one at a time, both hot and cold, for kitchen sink, bathroom sink, toilet, and outside shower, until the antifreeze runs out pink. And, of course, I drain the tanks. Basic instructions say to also dump some antifreeze down the drains to fill the traps, but after flushing all the lines, that’s pretty much already done. It usually takes between 1 – 2 gal of antifreeze. The water pump intake line can be reconnected when done. To de-winterize, just hook up the “city water” supply and flush out all the lines. And, you can also run the water pump a bit to flush it out.

Truma Instant Hot Water Heater (Some 2017 Ascents, 2018 Ascents, and Newer):

Note: This water heater has a hot water tank and a recirculating system. Anti freeze will damage the hot water tank, and anti freeze will not enter the white water line when pumping in anti freeze. This makes the winterization process a bit more challenging than for the Girard system.

1. Empty the fresh, gray, and black tanks.

2. Turn off the power to the water heater and turn 3 valves on the back of the hot water heater to the bypass position.

3. After the water has cooled down, pull a lever on the front (outside the RV) of the water heater to release the hot water filter and the water will begin to drain from the hot water tank, out of the filter opening. Remove the filter and the water will continue to drain until the tank is empty (about 1 Liter). Store the filter for the winter since there may still be enough water in it to freeze and do damage if put back in place.

4. Open the low point white water line valve underneath the RV to drain all the water from the white water line. This is required because when you bypass the hot water heater, there is no way to get antifreeze into the white water line. Note that this valve is roughly in the center of the RV (left to right) and, because of the low ground clearance, it is near impossible to reach unless you use leveling blocks or something similar to raise one side of the RV to get to it (and then remove the leveling blocks to be sure the line drains completely, and then back on the leveling blocks to turn the valve back off).

5. Pump anti freeze into the water lines as described above for the Girard hot water heater. Note that while it is OK to pump anti freeze through the Girard hot water heater, it is NOT OK to pump anti freeze through the Truma hot water heater. This is because the Truma hot water tank can be damaged by the anti freeze (the Girard hot water heater does not have a hot water tank).