STUPID Bird Wanders into CAMP in 100% WILD FOODS ONLY! ! Ep14

STUPID Bird Wanders into CAMP in 100% WILD FOODS ONLY! ! Ep14

In this episode we turn a grouse that happens to wander right into camp, into a wild meal. I will show you how we purify our water, and some more camp life. I show more about what we are eating on a daily basis in order to survive long term in the wild. Fresh caught wild meal with mushrooms. We finish off our wild meal with some catfish.

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The GOAL of the SURVIVAL CHALLENGE is simple: GAIN or MAINTAIN, body weight eating only WILD FOODS! FULL PLAYLIST:

Episodes will run every TUESDAY and FRIDAY 10 a.m. EST.


Join me and Zach Fowler winner of Season 3 of ALONE on the History Channel. Zach’s Playlist:


We weight-in and weigh-out and if we lose any body mass at all, we have FAILED the challenge!

Unlike Naked and Afraid, ALONE, or Survivorman, there is no limit to the tools we are allowed to use on this survival challenge. Living off just WILD foods is harder than you think! If it’s legal, it’s fair use. Sometime we even do some bushcraft, but the main focus is really on eating wild foods, wild edibles and catching and cooking various foods.

This isn’t about just surviving, this is about thriving!

Season 4: Northern Autumn, takes place in Northern Ontario with vast opens seasons including fish, catfish, pike, trout, birds such as grouse, duck, and geese, bear, deer, and moose. Also wild apples, mushrooms, berries, and so much more. We make use of all the resources in this challenge to meet the demands for calories imposed by the human body!

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Rob the Bear hunter!


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