Pigs In A Cornfield

Pigs In A Cornfield

PIgs In A Cornfield

For a 12” camp oven
Recipe can be tailored to one’s own taste
The best part of this easy tasty recipe is… The flavor infusion of the corn

pork- you choose (we used 2 lb.s of pork steak, 1/2 lb. pork sausage and 1/2 lb. habanero pork sausage-Thanks Joe!!!)
8-9 cobbettes of corn on the cob
3-large russet potatoes-diced (if using less pork, add one more potato or other vegetable)
1 large yellow onion-chopped
sliced jalepenos -to taste (If spicy isn’t your thing, skip)
1- can creamy “cheese” soup (we used poblano & queso)
2- cans cream of “whatever” soup (we used mushroom)
2- tbs. chopped garlic
ground pepper-to taste
habanero seasoning-to taste (skip if spicy isn’t your thing)
cayenne pepper-to tatse (skip if spicy isn’t your thing

Pour one can of cream of “whatever” soup into a 12″ camp oven. Place 8-9 cobbettes of corn, standing on end, evenly spaced, against oven wall. Add onions and potatoes. Add sausage. (If used) Add garlic. Add sliced jalepenos. (If used) Add seasonings. Spread creamy “cheese” soup over ingredients. Place pork of your choice over ingredients and top with remaining can of “whatever” soup. Sprinkle pepper on top. Place lid on oven and bake at least 2 hours at 350F; 16 briquettes on lid, 8 briquettes under oven, changing coals and flipping pork after 1st hour.
Plate up and ENJOY!!! (Be sure to let corn cool a bit before biting into cob!!!)


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