Orange beach, Kalamitsi & Thalatta camping-Sithonia

Orange beach, Kalamitsi & Thalatta camping-Sithonia

Orange Beach

Kavourotripes goes by many names, such as Orange beach or Portocali (which means orange). Kavourotripes means little crab holes and that perfectly explains this part Sithonia‘s coastline.
About 6km north of Sarti there is a cluster of small beaches in a coastline which is over 5km. This relief landscape of unparallel beauty looks like an open-air market of sculpture exhibition which in conjunction with the amazing turquoise waters and the view to Mount Athos compensates the visitor who has been afflicted through the bushes and the rocks in order to find these beaches.

Kalamitsi beach

is considered a medium sized beach and is located on the southern tip of Sithonia. Situated in a beautiful bay, the water is quite sheltered and calm. The bay has a direct opening to the sea, which allows for remarkably clear water.
The beach is well organized with some great restaurants, trendy beach bars and lots of sports opportunities such as paddle boat or canoe rentals and scuba diving.
There is plenty of space on the beach and most of it is not organized, so if you prefer to throw down a towel and not pay for a sun bed it is an option. The sand is soft, no pebbles here, and the soft sand continues far into the water, making it a great place to play and an option for families.

The Kalamitsi Camping beach is south of the village of Kalamitsi at the Thalatta Village Camp resort. This beach is long and wide and the center of all activities for the campsite. You will get a direct and inspiring Mt. Athos view from here. To access this beach you need to enter the campsite.

Kalamitsi Camping beach

is very developed with camping caravans behind the beach. There are beach bars that will serve you on their shaded sun-beds. Restaurants are plentiful along with almost every kind of beach sport and water sport activity you can think of. Snorkeling can also be enjoyable on this beach especially on either end of the beach by the rocks.
The beach is coarse sand and the water is crystal clear. You will not need swimming shoes on this beach as the sea-bottom is sandy for as far as you can go. The water gradually gets deeper and can have waves so at times it may not be easy for small children, but fun for adults.