MAN FOOD Fitness Recipes!

MAN FOOD Fitness Recipes!

This week I was introduced to a new category of recipes called…MAN FOOD!

My friend, and VP at Fit Body Boot Camp, Matt Wilber, came on my cooking show and walked me through 5 of his favorite MAN FOOD recipes. It was quite the eye-opening experience 🙂

Basically any recipe that is SIMPLE, QUICK and TASTY could be officially classified as MAN FOOD.

It’s pretty funny because my instincts in the kitchen are to always push the limits of a dish by adding more flavors, varied textures, pretty garnish, and fancy seasonings. In other words, I enjoy making recipes COMPLICATED and DETAILED, rather than SIMPLE and QUICK!

You’ll even notice in this recipe – a variation of Matt’s Beef Skillet – that I added Sweet Potato Rice and Chopped Kale…two additions that make the dish a little more complicated (and tastier!) If you’re serious about keeping this dish as true to MAN FOOD as possible then just chop up your sweet potato rather than going through the process of turning it into rice!

This Beef Supper Skillet is a very Fitness-Friendly meal, with tons of protein and wholesome, nutritious ingredients to power you through your day and fuel your results. It’s perfect for making on a weeknight when you don’t have a ton of time to spend in the kitchen, but you still want a dish that’s full of flavor.