Our 30 day desert boondocking challenge is complete and we share the results with you! Propane, water, fuel and fees – how did we do? What was our biggest disappointment and surprise, and what was the impact on our mental health? Boondocking is not for everyone, was it for us?? Would we boondock for this long again?? Watch the four part series for tips, tricks, hacks, beautiful locations and how to prepare. Plus, we share how much we spent per day! One item in our coach completely saved the day! What was it? We share in this final segment of our 30 day boondocking challenge in the Arizona desert.

Lyf Uninterrupted takes on their first 30-day desert boondocking challenge in the beautiful desert of Arizona. This is our first time boondocking for this amount of time. Free BLM camping in Arizona is plentiful and we plan to take advantage of what’s available in Quartzsite, Parker and Lake Havasu. The Southwest offers some of the most beautiful and wide-spread (open) BLM camping you can find.

How did we fare on propane, water, camping fees and electricity? We’ll share it with you along with what it cost us to do this. Imagine having the beautiful, expansive, open desert as your home base for 30 days. Best of all, it’s FREE camping! Living in the desert may sound challenging to some, but it’s something we are absolutely loving. Boondocking doesn’t have to be scary, it just has to be planned for, especially if you plan to do it for a longer length of time. Brian removed our regular RV toilet and put in place a Nature’s Head composting toilet. This has allowed us to boondock, off grid, for a lengthy period of time. It has allowed us to conserve water and significantly reduce the need to dump our gray tank. Watch the video to find out how we’ve been able to boondock without needing to dump!

We are Brian and Shawnna, a full time RV couple who enjoy the RV lifestyle. We are empty nesters who last year quit our corporate jobs, sold our home and auctioned off just about everything we own to live a simpler, more purposeful life in our RV. As Full Time RVers, our goal is to experience life and make awesome RV lifestyle videos for our community. We decided to “retire” from life as we knew it so we traded our stuff for experiences. We travel in a 2008 Winnebago Motorhome (RV) with a preference for RV boondocking. We vlog, blog and update social media with our RV travel experiences, advice and challenges with a goal of helping other RVers along the way – find beautiful places to stay and save money by seeking out low cost campgrounds and awesome boondocking sites. The RV life is a great life, but it’s not without its challenges. We plan to share those with you and offer advice along the way.

Thank you so much for joining us on our journey!

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