Camping on a Supervolcano: Yellowstone National Park

Camping on a Supervolcano: Yellowstone National Park

Camping on a Supervolcano: Yellowstone National Park

In this adventure we camp in Yellowstone and take in the sites and sounds of its natural wonders. There are animals and geysers everywhere! However something huge and threatening is lurking just below the surface. What is it that fuels all these hot springs? Come along with us as we learn about and explore the Yellowstone Caldera, the crater of Yellowstone’s ancient supervolcano. We learn that camping on a supervolcano can be fun! Yellowstone is still considered “active” and so imagining what an eruption could look like is a bit scary. In the end though, there’s really no reason to fear. A visit to Yellowstone, the land of fire and water, is worth anyone’s time!

This video was a lot of fun to make, although it’s somewhat of a mess…lol. Sometimes when making videos about subjects that require research it can be hard to find stock footage that can be used. In the case of this video I hadn’t filmed any volcanoes (maybe someday….put’s that on his bucket list). I had to turn to old archival footage in the Public Domain from the United States Geological Survey. The eruption depicted in most of the video is of Mt St. Helens, which erupted in May of 1980. Although it was a powerful eruption and many people did lose their lives, it was minuscule when compared to the explosive force of Yellowstone’s past eruptions. It’s amazing to imagine what a VEI 8 eruption would even look like.

If you are interested in learning more about Yellowstone and its active supervolcano there is no shortage of information on Youtube and elsewhere. Lot’s of videos and commentary like to focus on the doomsday aspect of a supervolcano because it’s kind of fun to think about. In reality though, by researching this topic we learned that there is little to fear in the way of Yellowstone erupting. Yes it probably will someday, and yes it is overdue, but scientists now know that a massive eruption will give many warnings, weeks and even months ahead of time. It is predicted that any eruption if it happens would be many thousands of years in our future. Much of our knowledge of volcanic eruption comes from studying volcanic events such as the ‘geologically recent’ activity of Mt St. Helens.

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