Camping 24 Hours Overnight Challenge in Our Backyard!! (Haunted Monster Spotted)

Camping 24 Hours Overnight Challenge in Our Backyard!! (Haunted Monster Spotted)


Today the Sharer Family will be doing another epic family friendly summer fun camp challenge! Grace Sharer and Stephen sharer will be locked out of their vacation house for 24 hours over night challenge! They will not be able to get back inside the house till morning after 3am! They can only you the supplies available that are already outside in the backyard. They will be challenged to set up their own tent, make their own food, and have their own fun with no iPhones or TV! Will the Sharer family kids make it through the night and complete the challenge? As grace sharer and Stephen sharer set up their tent they seem to have a lot of difficulty’s! Lets hope they build that tent right or els it might fall down 3:00am ! After Stephen and Grace Sharer camp out to a campfire and make DIY s’mores, hot dogs, and sing campfire songs they start to hear spy noises !! It is almost 3 am could it be a monster? Comment below👇 what you see and hear?! Monster, YES or NO?!🐍🧟‍♀️

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