Bushcraft Spirit S1E3 – Fun around the Camp

Bushcraft Spirit S1E3 – Fun around the Camp

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In this video, I’m doing various random things. I mess with some water, film some stuff… why don’t you just watch the video instead of reading this description? I don’t want to write what happens in the video.

So anyways, I’m just chillin’ around the campsite, enjoying myself, doing a little this, a little that. In other words, I’m hanging out around the survival shelter while camping in the woods. In fact, I’m surviving in the wilderness. I believe a creek is involved, also a sky. It’s cold. It’s winter. I am camping in the Appalachian Mountains. There are some trees.

So I could write what happens in the video, but that would contain spoilers and I’d rather just have you watch the actual video, otherwise it would be kind-of pointless if I just write the same thing that happens in the video in this description area.

So, perhaps I’ll talk about some other various, related things. So, I’m camping in the Appalachian Mountains, in December. It is quite cold during this period, fluctuating right around freezing temperatures (32 F / 0 C). I built a pretty bomber shelter, a nice tipi, which you can see more of in some of my other videos. I built it out of saplings, two tarps, and a lot of paracord.

There are a lot of Oak trees around, and many crunchy, recently fallen deciduous leaves on the ground. I set my camp in a somewhat open and flat area, between some hilltops. It ended up being quite a nice shelter location, I enjoyed my time there, other than the below-freezing temps. I had campfire every night.

It was amazingly quiet there. The only significant sounds were occasional birds chirping, squirrels chewing, woodpeckers pecking, airplanes flying, and the loud crunch of walking on dead leaves. It would literally be completely quiet at times, with no sound whatsoever. The days were short, I was there during the Winter Solstice, December 21. The short days give you less time to complete tasks and make for long drawn-out nights. Regardless, it was fun.

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