Best Camping Breakfast Ideas

Best Camping Breakfast Ideas

What are the best camping breakfast ideas that don’t require a campfire?

Campfire cooking is usually very involved. It of course involves building the campfire and waiting for it to get to cooking temperature.

Then the food has to be painstakingly prepared and cooked. Who wants to deal with all that first thing in the morning?

These are the best camping breakfast ideas for the camper who isn’t quite so happy in the morning.

One breakfast staple is just as good while camping as it is at home: cereal with milk.

You can keep the milk cold in a cooler full of ice, or use shelf-stable ultra-pasteurized milk.
You can even bring along a banana to slice into your cereal.

Another breakfast use for bananas is the peanut butter and banana sandwich.

This tasty morsel is quick to prepare, requires no refrigeration, and is packed with protein to keep you full for hours.

A variant is to use plain graham crackers, maybe left over from last night’s smores, in place of bread.

A quick fruit and nut salad is a tasty and fresh way to start your day when camping.

Slice up some fresh fruits such as strawberries and an apple, and toss in a handful of blueberries, raspberries, or blackberries.

Then add unsalted sunflower seeds or almonds for an added crunch.

Starting your camping day without a campfire does not have to mean that you are stuck breakfasting on a packaged granola bar.

The best camping breakfast ideas are nutritious, fresh, and tasty.

They should be substantial enough to keep you full for a busy day of outdoor activities, while not being so heavy as to weigh you down.

The ideas we shared here should give you a start, but you know what you like.

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