9 Unique Outdoor Furniture Items and Folding Camping Solutions You Must See

9 Unique Outdoor Furniture Items and Folding Camping Solutions You Must See

Probably you already own an ideal set of outdoor chairs and hammocks that let you fully relax in the sun and take in the beauty of a vacation outdoors. But what if we told you, that the market is full of innovative furniture solutions that can further heighten your standards of comfort when resting outside of a tent or an RV? In today’s episode of #MustSeeTech we will be exploring the latest smart inventions within this field that cant be overlooked!
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0:36 #1 2018 SitPack Zen X

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The Danish design company Sitpack, is imagining world’s lightest and most compact chair a one-legged collapsible seating that improves your posture and fits into a pocket when folded. The Zen can be used straight out of the box and its installation time takes just five seconds.

1:41 #2 2019 Shaze Lounge Chair

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Shaze’s ultimate lounge chair is your all-in-one solution, as it combines a chair itself, a secure storage, a cooler, 4 high quality waterproof speakers, and a charging dock for your phone.

2:32 #3 2019 Tammock

2019 Tammock is a hammock that can be used anywhere owing to a freestanding foldable frame. The fully packed Tammock with a carry-bag weights just 20 pounds.

3:41 #4 2019 Treem Hammock

The Estonia-based Treem knows exactly how to make a hammock camping experience better, especially for side sleepers. The innovative hammock outclasses its regular bridge analogues due to its construction, which uses tension for stability and lay-flat fixation.

4:49 #5 2019 HoverChair

The HoverChair from Crua Outdoors is an all-new chair type that combines the comforts of chilling in a hammock, but offers back support associated with sitting upright. It can be set up in just 60 seconds, and it is durable enough for one person weighing up to 275 lbs.

5:54 #6 2019 Mock One

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According to the manufacturer, the Mock One is the world’s only COMPACT folding hammock that offers more comfort than your standard set of garden furniture. It requires no trees around to be set up, just a few square feet of space on the ground.

6:58 #7 2019 GoChair

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While there are a lot of folding chairs that can accommodate you quite snuggly, most of them are not compact enough to carry around. The creators of the Go Chair solved this problem, designing a seat with unique folding mechanism that can be packed to the size of a water bottle.

8:03 #8 2019 Basecamp Kit

Designed to fit a pick-up truck of any size and model year, the Basecamp kit from Cache is a universal solution that transforms your tailgate into a comfy living room. The package includes a Basecamp pad, two removable lounger chairs, and a portable Jeffrey cooler.

9:08 #9 2018 TreePod Cabana

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Three houses are fun for kids and adults alike, but they take time and money to build and are not 100% safe to use without supervision. To alleviate all of these concerns, a Colorado-based company TreePod-Hanging Habitats designed their own tree-house version, a hanging tent-hammock hybrid called the Cabana.

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